Pakistan Today

Pakistan Today is an English language newspaper in Pakistan. It is published daily under the banner of Nawa Media Corporation from three different cities covering three regions. These include Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

The newspaper group is headquartered in Lahore and was founded by Arif Nizami who is a senior journalist in 2010. The paper is part of the Nawa Media Corporation which was also founded by Arif Nizami in 2008 and ever since the paper is published under the banner of this media group.

Pakistan Today is the first newspaper of Pakistan that was published in the Berliner format which is different from broadsheet format commonly seen in Pakistan. The newspaper journalism style is made of moderate and liberal policies.

Pakistan Today can be read through the print version as well as an online edition through the website. There is also an app available for both Apple iOS and Android. An app on Blackberry was also available but now is outdated.

One of the things that set it apart from other English language newspapers is its satirical column known as Khabristan Today. The column is published almost daily but since the material is almost always unfamiliar, the satire can often sometimes never make sense to Western audiences.

Pakistan Today covers topic ranging from national news to politics, sports, editorials, columns, cartoons, business, foreign news, local city news, arts, and entertainment. Pakistan Today also publishes a weekly magazine known as the Paparazzi. This magazine basically covers everything related to entertainment in Pakistan. There are exclusive interviews as well as previews and reviews of upcoming television and cinema projects.

The Paparazzi magazine also covers current fashion trends and is mostly made out of large pictures. The magazine and the newspaper are both easily available to read through the official website of the newspaper.