Express Tribune

The Express Tribune is a major English language newspaper in Pakistan. It is part of the Lakson Group of companies and is published under the banner of Daily Express media group. The Express Tribune is the only English language newspaper of Pakistan that is affiliated with international newspapers such as the International New York Times.

The base of operations of the newspaper is in Karachi but the paper also prints from offices located in Islamabad, Lahore, and Peshawar. The Express Tribune is a fairly young newspaper having launched in 2010 in a broadsheet format with a brand new design that was different from other English language newspapers of Pakistan.

The Express Tribune reports in a social liberalism stance and its readership is made up of the mainstream left of social opinion and Pakistani politics. The newspaper covers topics such as international affairs, economics, sports, culture, politics, and investment. There is also a weekly magazine published on Sundays which includes interviews, social commentary, and tons of other topics including travel advice, recipes, reviews, technology, and blogs.

Express Tribune’s online paper is the largest in Pakistan in terms of audience. Both local and internationally living Pakistani’s read the paper through the website and it even allows freelance journalists and bloggers to pen down their opinion in the section Express Tribune Blogs. Blogs are a great way to hear the opinion of young Pakistanis and stay updated on anything that is trending on the internet in Pakistan.

An Urdu language version of the paper is also printed daily in Pakistan with the name Daily Express Newspaper. The media that owns the newspapers also have a 24-hour news channel Express News. The newspaper also previously had an English language channel Express 24/7 but due to a limited audience, it was shut down. Instead of it, there is now an entertainment channel by the name Express Entertainment.

The mission of the paper is to defend the liberal values and egalitarian traditions of Pakistan. It can be read on the internet through their official website.