Dawn English Newspaper is the oldest and most widely read news paper in the history of Pakistan. The newspaper is the largest of the three newspaper dailies and is operated under the banner of Dawn Group of Newspaper and is published by Herald Publications. Herald is also responsible for publishing popular magazines like the Herald and Spider, an IT magazine.

The newspaper group was founded by the founder of Pakistan, Quaid-I-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He incepted the newspaper group in Delhi, India on the 26th of October 1941. The very first issue of the newspaper was printing at the Latifi Press.

Today, the newspaper group has offices all over Pakistan, notably Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. The paper also publishes outside of Pakistan. The CEO of the Dawn group is Hameed Haroon while the paper is being edited by Zaffar Abbas.

Dawn English Newspaper is an excellent and informative read especially if you are interested in Western News too alongside local news. The paper regularly publishes syndicated articles from popular western papers like The Guardian, The Independent, Los Angeles Times and more.

Dawn newspaper is also available in the Urdu language. There is also a 24-hour news channel that is recognized as one of the first 24-hour news channels in Pakistan. The news channel was launched in July 2007. When the channel was launched, it was in strictly in the English language. But due to financial difficulties faced by the Dawn Group, the channel, later on, switched to the Urdu language in hopes to reach more audience in Pakistan.

Dawn publishes a special paper on Sundays that include magazines and advertiser carrier which has three sections forming Real Estate, Career and Ad Buzz. The Sunday newspaper is an excellent way to advertise through Dawn Newspaper because this is when the paper is open for most advertisements.

Dawn English newspaper can also be read online on the official website of the Dawn Group.